president’s message

Dear All,

As COVID-19 emergency continues around the World and the new Singapore Government rules start, I would like to wish all of you and your families health and safety;

CTFAS member companies are working together to help mitigate the virus and ensure that people continue to have access to those essential products they rely on in their daily life, be it hand wash, shampoo or skincare. We know individuals and families trust and use our products every day and our brands provide comfort and normalcy in these tough times;

As most of us are working from home, and in the spirit of Government recommendation to use this time to uplift and upgrade skills sets, we are putting together a series of 2h, web based learning sessions. The first one on the basis of skincare is going to be held on the 22nd April and will be followed by a different one every month. Registration is open on our web site;

This, we think, is not only an opportunity to learn, but, may be as importantly, an opportunity to connect, to be spiritually with friends and be part of our community;

Wishing you and your families health and safety!

Alain Khaiat PhD
President CTFAS