CTFAS Tea Talk and EGM

  • Friday, November 9, 2018
    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
How To Register

Mark your calendar for the coming Workshop and EGM

The next event after our CTFAS workshop will be on 9th November 2018.

Time Program
2.30 pm Registration
3.00 pm



Hands-on Workshop

Learn to prepare a gentle lotion for sensitive skin with beautiful oil pearl suspension. It provides a refreshing light sensory with quick-break effect. The formula is easy to make and uses low energy process.

3.45 pm Updates of ACC-ACSB Meeting
4.00 pm Networking Tea Break
4.20 pm



Extraordinary General Meeting

  • Presentation of Breast Diseases Research Fund
  • Questions and Answers
  • Any Other Matters

This will be followed by CTFAS’s first Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). This meeting is called by the CTFAS committee for members to review and vote to donate towards the Singhealth Duke NUS Academic Medical Centre for research on breast diseases in Asian women.

Some facts:

  • Over 9000 woman in Singapore were diagnosed with breast diseases over the past 5 years. The number is increasing despite the excellent medical service
  • Over 80% of Asian Woman has very dense breast where mammogram or ultrasound may not be effective in assessing the diseases and very often, biopsy or surgery is recommended
  • The international study conducted in 2016 shows that breast disease happens much earlier in Asia Women (estimated 10 years) than Caucasian Woman;
  • Another WHO Study also shows that Asian Woman has 6 times higher than Caucasian Woman when it comes to rare tumor like Phyllodes Tumor. In 2014, Singapore Research Group under the leadership of Prof.Tan made a landmark discovery of the generic landscape of a distinct breast tumor group called the Fibroepithelial Tumor. This group comprises 2 types of Tumor: Fibroadenomias and phyllodes tumor

Research Focus

Current challenge is that today, most of the published studies about breast cancer were conducted on Western patients. There are no existing comparable breast diseases research programmes that undertake the study of the 3 ethnic groups: Chinese, Malays and India. The funding is needed to help advance the on-going research to find out unknown:

  • Ethnicity and its correlation with breast cancer;
  • Gaining insight into meaningful genotype and immunophenotype correlations, researchers hope to stratify patients based on their profiles to understand why different patients response to treatment differently and using biomarkers from this group of cancers, researchers hope to identify more effective treatment
  • Clinical Advance  in Breast Cancer Surgery: Study of a novel method.