CTFAS Tea Talk

  • Tuesday, December 10, 2019
    3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
3.00 pm – 3.15 pm Registration
3.15 pm – 3.30 pm Networking Tea Break
3.30 pm – 4.50 pm Catch the CICA trend with Fast and Sensorial Fluid Formulation
4.50 pm – 5.20 pm Regulatory Updates
5.20 pm – 5.30 pm  Q&A
“Catch the CICA trend with Fast and Sensorial Fluid Formulation”
Inspired by Ayurvedic use of Centella asiatica, a new type of skin care is emerging with the aim of soothing sensitive skin, the cica products. On the rise since 2016, these products initially targeted irritated skin by reinforcing the skin barrier and hydrating the skin. They contain a high concentration of centella asiatica, from which the name was inspired: C for Centella and -ica from asiatica.  The use of this prefix designates gentle products that have healing properties. So cica products offer a solution for people with sensitive skin who are looking for safe and effective products, thanks to their natural and dermo-cosmetic inspiration. Today, the cica concept is gaining currency. These products not only make it possible to regenerate damaged skin and strengthen or protect distressed skin, they also fight the wrinkles associated with mature skin. Also, they come in different textures – creams,  serums, toners, face masks, cleansers, cushions, etc. – as well as into products for the body and the hands.  
Focusing on fluid formulations, they are key to answer modern consumer needs. They seek out new product experiences stimulated by innovative textures and formats. Fluid beauty care are quick to apply. Serums and essences are now evolving from skin to hair & scalp. Wipes and sprays are perfect for a nomad touch of care. The use of fluid beauty products is more convenient and quick without any compromise on efficacy nor pleasure upon application. Modern formulators are like their consumers: they are very busy and often in a hurry, and unfortunately fluid formulations are more difficult to stabilize! Come to learn how Seppic answers the challenge with a novel emulsifier dedicated to fluid formulas.
*Featured formula during demo will be a CICA Brightening Mist & CICA Soothing Serum. 


About Ms. Marty Lumain
Asia Pacific Beauty Care Marketing Manager, SEPPIC


She is a Chemical Engineer by profession with extensive experience in the field of beauty care. She started in the academe and took various roles such as Research & Development (Raw Material Devt, Process Devt, Product Devt and Microbiology), technical marketing and business development in reputable companies on a regional level. Currently, she handles Marketing for SEPPIC ASIA Beauty Care BU.