President’s Message

Dear Friends,

CTFAS has taken small steps in the direction of becoming a sustainable organisation.  In commemoration of Earth Day 2022, CTFAS will hold its first Tree-Planting day on April 20.  Our donors and sponsors – corporates and individuals – will come together at Chestnut Nature Park to literally dig in with changkols and plant a variety of saplings.  We have taken steps to raise awareness on environmental issues such as plastic pollution in the oceans and the circular economy.  In the coming days, we will draw upon our working groups to chart the path ahead.

For the first time in two years, the dinner and dance that we planned for is finally happening – in October!  We have many reasons to celebrate CTFAS’ thirtieth anniversary although a year behind schedule. I look forward to your participation in the upcoming webinars and activities.

Thank you!

Andrew GAN
The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association of Singapore (CTFAS)