President’s message

Dear Members and Friends,

At the closing of the ACC meeting this November in Singapore, we presented the NDP song, ‘Home’. We sang and danced alongside HSA team members led by CEO Dr Mimi Choong.

This was a special moment for CTFAS for a few reasons:
Firstly, the song “Home” was introduced during the Asian financial crisis from which Singapore emerged stronger; Singapore then began lifting Covid-19 border measures from February 2023. And in my opinion, we have also emerged stronger.
Secondly, our Industry is proud to work with and under a highly respected Regulator, HSA.
Thirdly, the song resonated with our ASEAN colleagues. And it wasn’t just the safety and security of our country, but also the warm Singaporean hospitality and kindness. Simply put, “This is Home, truly”. What a great way to cap this year’s activities!

On this note, let me express my sincere thanks to you, CTFAS Team for all your dedication and passion. I’m confident we can all look forward to an even more exciting 2024!

Andrew GAN,