President’s message

Dear Members and Friends,

CTFAS aims to deliver better value to our members in these key aspects:

(a) through the dissemination of information which impact the Industry via timely updates, breaking news and analyses;

(b) challenging untenable positions, opinions or seeking clarifications where regulatory proposals potentially add burden to our Industry or stifle innovation;

(c) be the go-to ‘call-centre’ where members can channel their questions, concerns, feedback and pain-points;

(d) provide conducive touchpoints for business networking and collaboration between members;

(e) building an ecosystem (local, regional and global) which supports the growth of our Industry especially our local SMEs;

(f) with the support and help of SP, SUSS and all stakeholders, institutionalise life-long and life-wide learning and the acquisition of Industry-specific knowledge and competencies.

I believe our efforts are gaining momentum and the Association is moving in the right direction. These efforts have built very strong foundations and today CTFAS has been well recognized and respected as the partner of choice with many non-governmental associations around the world. However, to continue to uplift the association, as emphasised during our second committee meeting, I appeal for more people to join our Working Groups and volunteer your services as the volume of work increases significantly. On behalf of the leadership, our Chairman, Vice Presidents and Exco, my sincere appreciation to our WG leads and volunteers for your continued support, dedication and contributions, thank you!

Andrew GAN,
President, CTFAS