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CTFAS members are entitled to the following benefits:

  1. Special rates to attend CTFAS organized or endorsed workshops
  2. Exclusive free admission for one person per company to all CTFAS Tea Talks and $50 for each subsequent representative. Virtual Tea Talks are free for all representatives for member companies. 
    Special member rate for educational/technical webinars that are open to both members and non-members. Tea talks and Webinar topics may cover, among others:
    • Sales and Marketing related topics
    • Cosmetic trend updates
    • Cosmetics Regulatory updates,
    • Custom procedures and tariff reduction plan within ASEAN
    • Basic cosmetic science talk- this program is specially designed for members who are interested to learn more about the science of Cosmetics
  3. Free admission for one person per company to CTFAS annual Dinner & Dance with attractive prizes to be won
  4. Receive Cosmetic related news regularly

The following are some of the facts about CTFAS that you might not be aware of, but which could be truly beneficial to your business expansion into the region:

  1. CTFAS is an active member of the ASEAN Cosmetics Association(ACA), which
  • is actively interacting with:
    • JCIA (Japan Cosmetic Industries Association)
    • KCA (Korea Cosmetics Association)
    • and CAFFCI (China);
  • has annual meetings with JCIA and KCA to discuss about changes in the cosmetic industry regulations in these countries;
  • has direct interaction with Personal Care Product Council USA (PCPC), Cosmetic Europe, and India Cosmetic Association;
  • a regional conference is held every 3 years involving the 4 Asian associations
  1. CTFAS networks with Singapore representatives at the CPTPP which include 11 countries, while Indonesia and Thailand have expressed their interest in joining.
  2. CTFAS represents the Singapore cosmetic industry in discussions with Health Science Authority and other Singapore Government agencies (e.g. Spring Singapore, EDB, etc.).
  3. CTFAS provides input to the ASEAN Cosmetic Scientific Body (ACSB) on all technical and scientific discussions in ASEAN.
  4. CTFAS is often requested to give input to the press on cosmetic products or ingredients issues (lately on Nano technologies, animal testing and body contouring products).

Membership Fees:

  1. One year membership fee :
    • S$380, for new membership (pro-rata for new members)
    • a one-time administrative fee of S$50
  1. Two years membership fee :
    • S$700 membership fee
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